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2 Most Popular Instagram Photo Aesthetics of 2022



2 Most Popular Instagram Photo Aesthetics

Photography trends on Instagram are in constant flux, with only the most significant managing to stick it out for any reasonable length of time. While there has been a ton of photo aesthetics that have come in 2022, there are two that have stood out above all the rest. In fact, the two aesthetics we are going to tell you about today might just become a part of Instagram for the foreseeable future.

In this article, we will be taking a look at two of the most popular Instagram aesthetics of 2022, as well as going over what made the aforementioned trends stand above all others.

While sharp, crisp images are often the norm on social media, the blurry aesthetic has gained traction on Instagram in recent years. This involves taking photos that are intentionally out of focus or slightly blurry.

This can add a sense of mystery or dreaminess to a photo, and can be especially effective when combined with other elements like light or colour.

This aesthetic first came to light when Courtney Kardashian and Megan Fox released a slew of polaroid photos onto their respective Instagram accounts back at the start of 2022.

Since then, many Instagrammers have taken to doing the same and compiling their photos through sites like, leading to yet more exposure and notoriety.

Blurred shots have been a staple in the Instagram scene in 2022, and this is one that we are not likely to forget for a long time.

Raw & Unfiltered

In an age where everything seems to be curated and polished, the unfiltered aesthetic has become increasingly popular. This involves posting photos that are raw, authentic, and unedited. This means no filters, no Photoshop, and no trying to make everything look perfect. The unfiltered aesthetic is all about showing the real world as it is, warts and all.

This is one of the strangest Instagram trends we have seen in years. Before 2022, all indications were pointing towards photos and videos becoming more While these two aesthetics may seem at odds with each other, they both represent a desire for authenticity and a rejection of the overly polished, perfect images that are often seen on social media.

Whether you prefer the raw, unfiltered look or the dreamy, blurry aesthetic, there is room for both on Instagram. Ultimately, the most important thing is to create and share photos that are meaningful and authentic to you.

The preference for imperfect photos is likely going to stay strong for the foreseeable future this isn’t just a trend that comes and goes like most passing fads.