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Us Airstrike Saudi Arabia calls for restraint following the attack.



The Saudi Arabian flag flies above the Saudi consulate headquarters in Baghdad on April 4, 2019. Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP via Getty Images
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Us Airstrike Saudi Arabia calls for restraint following the attack.

Saudi Arabia says it is closely following the events in Iraq and emphasizes the importance of self-restraint, an official source has said.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is following the events in Iraq, which came as a result of the escalation of tensions and terrorist acts that it denounces and which the Kingdom warned in the past of its repercussions,” the official source was quoted as saying.

“With knowledge of the operations and threats to the security of the region and the threats posed by terrorist militias that require their cessation, the Kingdom, in light of the rapid developments, calls for the importance of self-restraint to ward off all that may lead to aggravating the situation with its unbearable consequences,” the source added.

The source also said that Saudi Arabia is calling on the international community to fulfill its responsibilities to take the necessary measures to ensure regional security and stability.

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