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Us Airstrike: Britain Backs USA, Deploys Nuclear Powered Submarines to Accompany Their Vessels



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Britain Backs USA, Deploys Nuclear Powered Submarines to Accompany Their Vessels

Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine with 20ft missiles ‘in position to fire at Iran’. The submarine, which is kept in the region at all times, is armed with 20ft-Tomahawk missiles which each carry a 1,000lb high-explosive warhead.

The weapon has a range of more than 1,550 miles, travels at a speed of 550mph and has a GPS guidance system allowing it to switch targets mid-flight.

Armed force officials are working to ensure Britain is ready to back America militarily if asked, amid fears of an “accidental war” between Iran and the US, it is said.

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Elite operatives from the Special Air Service and the Special Boat Service were also said to be heading to Iraq, ready for any showdown.

A senior British figure told The Times : “We have a plan A and a plan B and a ‘break the glass’ plan if it all kicks off. If things unravel quickly, the UK will always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the US.

“The hunter-killers are the most advanced submarines in the Royal Navy. They are a deadly asset and there is one well within range of Iran.”

UK troops have also been ordered to abandon their training of Iraqi forces and switch to securing the British embassy in Baghdad, according to the Sunday Times.

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