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Regina Daniels Biography, Real Age, Marriage Life And Net_Worth 2020



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Regina Daniels is a Nigeria teenage actress who rose to fame in 2010, Regina Daniels is known to cause controversies online with her lifestyle.

From humble beginnings, Regina Daniels has made it to the big league and become a Nollywood big shot. Especially, Regina has named herself in the list of richest actress in Nigeria after the controversial marriage with billionaire/politician Ned Nwoko

Her Career

She started acting at the age of seven; her mother (Rita Daniels) is an actress. She got support from her mother and her siblings. Her first movie was Marriage of Sorrow which earned her 10,000 Naira. She featured in a Nollywood movie titled “Miracle Child” in 2010.

In January 2019 Daniels was appointed Atiku Abubakar’s Youth Campaign Coordinator. In February 2020 she launched a magazine named after her at a hotel in Abuja

Marriage life

pril 2019, and the internet was flooded with rumors that Regina Daniels was in some kind of romance with a certain billionaire lawyer, 39-40 years older than her (more about that below when we talk about Regina’s real age). Before long, the identity of this wealthy individual was revealed as one Prince Ned Nwoko who owns a large London law firm. 

By May of 2019, speculations ran rife that the young actress was already married to the 59-year-old billionaire and by the 26th of May 2019, the internet went agog with photos of Regina performing the traditional marriage rites that fully initiated her into the traditional group for only married women in Anioma Community of Delta State. This event finally laid to rest the intense speculation surrounding the actress’s marital status, “The Young Actress Is Officially Married by Traditional Custom” went the consensus. 

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This news now brought up intense debate and criticism especially as Ned is married to other women, making Regina his 5th wife. Regina went on to explain her choice of marrying an older man during an interview with Daddy Freeze. Her comment below explains why she would ditch her younger lover Somadina Adinma for a more matured Ned Nwoko:

“I don’t think I could have married someone of my age because I am quite stubborn, very stubborn, my head is not down but with my husband, that is not the case because I respect him a lot,” 

Firms which she has been stared on

  • Dumebi in School
  • Python Girl
  • The Bat-Man
  • The Jericho
  • Plantain Girl
  • Jaja the Great
  • The Jericho (as producer)
  • Twins Apart (as producer)
  • Tears of Ojiugo
  • Wipe your Sorrows
  • Royal Covenant
  • Traditional War (Part 1)
  • Stronger Than the Gods
  • The King and The Python
  • Hanging Coffin
  • Evil messenger 1 and 2
  • Queen Rebeca


Alleged Cyber Crime/Fraud Allegation

On 20 November 2017 Regina Daniels was allegedly involved in obtaining intimate photos of an aspiring actress. In a Facebook post made by Nigerian blogger Amanda Chisom, the victim claimed she sent intimate photos to Regina Daniels and was asked by Daniels to meet with a movie producer who would train her on being a better actress.

After the meeting Regina Daniels was said to have been angry with the victim inciting that the aspiring actress should have offered herself to the producer. On 22 November 2017 Regina Daniels denied all allegations stating that a fan was using her name to dupe aspiring actress. On 23 November 2017, the impersonator was arrested by the police and Regina Daniels was exonerated.

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Regina Daniels real age

Regina Daniels age is know to cause controversies online, many argued the she’s just 16 while others argued that she’s above 18. However, As most of us always always believed she was born on October 10th, 2000, making her 19 years old. Anyways recently, around the time Regina got married to Ned, the poor girl’s mum dropped the hint, that Regina is 20 years of age, meaning the young lady was born sometime in 1999. Was this the excitement of the occasion or was the October 10th, 2000 birthday just “audio age?

Regina Daniels Net_Worth

Recent data and some online sources suggest that the beautiful actress is worth a handsome value. However, we must say that the figures are not verifiable as there are no standard measurement metrics to track the wealth of most private individuals and celebrities. Still, we believe Regina is worth a good amount if you consider that she earns as much as ₦600,000 for each movie she performs in. Remember also that she recently married a billionaire, so it is logical if we estimate her worth to be in the region of $500,000 to $1 million i.e about ₦180 million and above.