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6 Deals on Travel Accessories That’ll Make Your Flight Back Home More Comfortable.



6 Deals on Travel Accessories That'll Make Your Flight Back Home More Comfortable

6 Deals on Travel Accessories That’ll Make Your Flight Back Home More Comfortable: Got a long flight home for the holidays? Check out these deals that’ll take the stress out of travelling.

I travel quite often, and I’ve gotten my routine down. The process wasn’t simple though — I’ve made many mistakes along the way and learned what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. That includes the things that I choose to bring with me in my carry-on, backpack or in my purse.

When it comes to travelling, the lighter the better. But to add some comfort and have access to the things I need to maintain good health, even through stressful, day-long journeys, I’ve compiled a list of items that’ll change the way you travel forever.

Riemot luggage travel cup holder: $14

For the minimalist that’s only taking a carry-on bag, check out this caddy that slips easily onto the handle of your bag. It comes with two pockets, which can hold two coffee mugs or a coffee cup and your phone — whatever combination you need to keep your hands free.

Mavogel cotton sleep eye mask : $10

For those who are comfortable (or tired) enough to get some shut-eye on the plane, check out this cotton sleep eye mask that’ll keep you comfortable throughout your journey. The gray style is $10, but you can save an extra dollar if you prefer the black one. 

SB Sox compression socks: $15

If you’re prone to swelling in your legs after sitting down for extended periods of time, consider grabbing a pair of compression socks. You can grab this knee-high pair for just $15. They’ll support your calves and shins for hours and ensure you have better blood flow, even on long-haul flights.

Stojo collapsible water bottle: $13

Hydration is key each and every day, and travel days are no different. I swear by this collapsible Stojo water bottle on my journeys. The water bottle can easily fit into my purse or backpack and attach to the end when I have it filled. Carry it through TSA collapsed and empty, then fill it at your nearest water station. Plus, you’ll save $4 on each bottle of water you don’t have to buy at the airport.

Vibes high-fidelity earplugs: $29

Paying nearly $30 for earplugs may seem like a bit much, but these earplugs make the investment worth it. Not only will they work perfectly for travel and block out the noise of the plane, passengers and other distractions, but they’re comfortable enough to wear to bed.

Phiaton Bonobuds true wireless earbuds: $45

If you’re looking to drown out your surroundings with earbuds that’ll play music or movies, grab this pair of noise-canceling earbuds by Phiaton. You get an hour of playtime with a quick 10-minute charge, and the earbuds come in a convenient charging case. Touch controls will allow you to quickly pause your music or movies to make your drink or snack order when flight attendants pass by.