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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos regains tittle of world richest man fews hours after loosing it to Bill Gate.



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Sequel to our earlier report that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos loss his title as world richest man to his closest in ranking, Microsoft CEO Bill Gate. Which make Gate to emerge the richest man on Earth again within few hours/ days. However after few hours/days report has it that the tittle has gone back to the business morgue Jeff Bezos.

According to Forbes Gates had temporarily displaced Bezos, who is also the owner of Washington Post, on Thursday, after Amazon’s shares dropped by seven percent after-hours trading —  a development that saw its founder’s net worth reduced to $103.9 billion.

However, Bezos returned to the top position at the end of Friday’s markets, after his shares fell by just 1% to $1,760.78, putting his net worth at $109.9 billion — and back at number one.

Gates is currently worth $105.8 billion.

The Microsoft founder has held the position for most of the times over the last two decades.

At present amanzon CEO has retained back his title and he is the first man on Earth to lost that title and regain it back with fews hours. What did you think about this?

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