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Apostle Johnson Suleiman rolls out list of 2020 “World” prophesies.



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Apostle Johnson Suleiman rolls out list of 2020 “World” prophesies.

The General overseer of Omega fire ministry, (OFM) Apostle Johnson Suleiman, has on Sunday release the long awaiting prophecies for 2020. According to him there will be a boom in Agricultural sector in Nigeria.

See the full list below ???

  1. Agricultural boom in Nigeria, greatest in history.
  2. I saw more activists arrested
  3. There will be series of earthquakes, tremor, even in Nigeria.
  4. U.K experiences Brexit finally.
  5. A new pattern of letter explosion
  6. I see ethnic clashes in Nigeria. Please let’s pray hard
  7. Improved security situation in Nigeria
  8. I see internal deportations in Nigeria
  9. I saw NFF (Nigeria) receive world recognition.
  10. Liberia needs prayers; serious prayers (blood bath)
  11. I saw cows killing herdsmen
  12. The ruling party will fight the Presidency.
  13. I saw the rise of many music stars.
  14. On the 24th of August 2019, I saw a revelation of many former governors jailed, but some were granted bail before completing their terms.
  15. Abuja residents should pray hard against killings
  16. I saw a Senator collapse in public but later resuscitated.
  17. Crises in NLC.
  18. Lagos NURTW to pray against their leaders being poisoned.
  19. Nigeria presidency to release El-Zazaky; I saw Him being laid to rest and it caused unspeakable uproar. It can be avoided if he is released.
  20. I saw something invented for cooking plugged to electricity.
  21. A popular known young musician drugged by one of his boys and hospitalised; but survived.
  22. I see a new medical centre in Nigeria attracting inflow of foreigners into the country. (Improved health system).
  23. I saw something that looks like a Referendum.
  24. I saw a country been split into two and there was mass protest.
  25. The Nigeria government should focus on fixing road. It’s urgent, as this would address a major crisis between Feb/March.
  26. I see a Federal cabinet minister having crisis and being indicted.
  27. China to experience major losses.
  28. I see mass killings in Iran.
  29. The Leader of North Korea should pray against Kidney infection.
  30. I saw Nigerians greatly honoured on International scene.
  31. I saw a great improvement in the IT industry.
  32. A great business man taking Political stage.
  33. I saw President Macron (France) fired some people in leadership.
  34. I saw the Nigerian film industry
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