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Current Price Of Cement In Nigeria 2020



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Current Price Of Cement In Nigeria.

The prices of cement in Nigeria cannot be predictable, as so many factors affect the stability of the product.

So prices of cement changes in Nigeria almost every time. infact cement is one of the product in Nigeria that changes price the most despite the fact that it’s produce here in Nigeria. The worse part is the price is not even the same in all part of the country.

The price of cement in Kano, for instance would be different from the price of cement in Benin. That is why it’s not easy to get the current cement price in Nigeria, especially when you are searching online.

With the above condition in mind, the360reporters has decided to come up with this post, whichever details the current prices of various brands of cement available in Nigeria.

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Our aim is to give accurate information on this subject, and we encourage you all to assist us in this task, if you know of any price changes or any information given that is not in line or you have any additional information about cement feel free to add it to comment section.

Types of Cement in Nigeria And Their Various Prices

Ordinary Portland Cement(OPC)

This is the most commonly available type of cement in Nigeria as it used for everyday construction activities.

It is suitable for all general construction. It is also the most widely produced as it is used in the production of concrete.

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Furthermore, it is also used in mortars (mixing with sand and water only), for plasters and screeds.

Current price of cement in Nigeria

Price Of Dangote Cement

50kg (1 bag) – Between NGN 2,600 – NGN 2,800

600 bags – From NGN 1,500,000 to 1,550,000

Price Of Elephant Cement

50kg (1 bag) – Between NGN 2,500 – NGN 2,700

600 bags – From NGN 1,450,000

Price Of Eagle Cement

50kg (1 bag) – From NGN 2,500

600 bags – From NGN 1,450,000

Other Brands of Cement (50kg)

Ibeto Cement – From NGN 1,500

Ashaka Cement – From NGN 1,550

Wapco Cement – From NGN 1,600

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Sokoto Cement – From NGN 1,550

Please Note: as it was stated earlier, the prices of this commodity (cement) is not always the same in all part of Nigeria. Most of the time the price in Lagos, especially a place where is is high rate of construction, the prices are always higher compare to area where there is low usage. To be on a safer side, when making an estimate the standard market price, with a range of 100 to 200 naira.

As mentioned earlier, price of cement in Nigeria are not stable, you are advise you to make further inquiry from an authorized dealer so as to avoid be cheated or being scam of your hard earn money.

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