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Alyson Eckmann will leave her OnlyFans account to participate in another reality show

Well Known American model Alyson Eckmannsigned up for a new reality show.

The model, host, broadcaster, and influencer will leave her OnlyFans account to participate in Pesadillas en el Paraiso.

How did Alyson Eckmann end in Spain?

Eckmann is the sixth competitor of the recently announced show Pesadillas en el Paraiso.

She joins Pipi Estrada, Gloria Camila, Omar Sánchez, Mónica Hoyoso y Víctor Janeiro.

However, it is not the first adventure in reality shows for Alyson Eckmann.


Eckmann has American origin. She was born in Seattle, Washington, and began her career in the Canary Islands after moving to Madrid when she was just 20 years old.

Alyson Eckmann visited the Canary Islands for vacation and then decided to reside on the island.

Her TV career began in Corina’s program without seeking the opportunity, it simply happened.

“I happened to come across Corina’s program, and without knowing very well how, I ended up being on TV”.

The American TV host returns to Spanish television and will participate in her second reality show.


Alyson Eckmann won Big Brother VIP 5 in Spain, and her popularity soared from the reality show.

Alyson Eckmann’s OnlyFans content

On her Instagram account, Alyson Eckmann has almost 300,000 followers.

In her Only Fans profile, one of her most popular channels, she adds more than $10,000 every month.


As she explained before, her content is erotic. However, she described her Only Fans ties as “pretty normal sexy videos.”

Alyson Eckmann also says she does it because she has “super fun and uploads things that make her feel sexy, talk to people.”

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