DaBaby, NBA Youngboy “Hit”

NBA Youngboy and DaBaby are a very high-octane pairing.

NBA Youngboy is known best for his extremely aggressive disposition and delivery. Aggression is his calling card, often detailing violence and his standoffish demeanor in his verses. His most recent project, Colors, was released on January 20th, 2022. These attributes can be seen in full force throughout the tape. While also known to show vulnerability, the vast majority of his catalog would suggest that he’s one to steer clear of.

DaBaby, not a stranger to the brash and brazen approach to his songs, is no different. He’s been in headlines since the moment his career took flight. He even went as far as making tee shirts displaying a public altercation that he was involved in. His songs tend to have references to fights, guns, and chaos of all natures. Some of these references can be heard on his 2020 album Blame It On Baby. Putting these two together on a track is a recipe for a hard-hitting, riot inciting outcome.

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