Did Bad Bunny Show off an erection during a Live with over 200,000 viewers?

Summer is shaping up quite nicely and people are happier, and everyone is just waiting to have fun, like Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny who just released his hit album “Un Verano Sin Ti” and decided to shock his fans with a stunt while having an Instagram live session.

This last album is looking to be one of the best albums of his career, it could even be better than YHLQMDLG which is an acronym for “You hago lo que me da la gana”, which means “I do what I please”

In an effort to promote the album, he started a live session that quickly gathered more than 200,000. During the social media broadcast, he danced from a distance, sang several of his songs, and joked with viewers for several hours of revelry.

A tongue in cheek that escalated quickly

However, little did Internet users know that he would suddenly raise the temperature of the atmosphere. Bad Bunny surprised everyone and in the middle of his Aguacero song, he stood up and showed the camera the moment he was having? It looked like he had a full-blown erection

Instantly, viewers started commenting while being shocked and amazed by what had happened.

However, it turned out to be just a joke

The author of Callaíta, Yonaguni, Tití me preguntó, among others, wanted to bring out his funniest side by playing a joke on his followers. While nobody was watching he put the microphone inside his pants to shock the audience, he even caressed in a very suggestive way, something that is very common for a concert, causing laughter and misunderstanding among all viewers.

Eventually, everybody understood that it was all part of the performance and took it for what it was, a seductive dance

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