Jessica Chastain wished everyone a Happy Independence Day.. from her and her reproductive rights!

There is no doubt that the ban on abortion in several states of the country by the US Supreme Court, continues to be a topic of conversation and especially for those that are affected by the ruling, in this case, all women, including Jessica Chastain, who took the 4th of July to send a message on her social media outlets.

She was very open about her posture

The actress, film producer, and winner of the Oscar Award for best actress for her participation in the film “The Eyes Of Tammy Faye”, used her Twitter account to celebrate Independence Day in a very peculiar way, she shared her opinion on the repeal of the Roe v. Wade sentence by the Supreme Court.

Jessica Chastain in favor of abortion

Around noon, the well-known 45-year-old actress uploaded a tweet that at the moment is sweeping social media where she makes it clear that she is in favor of women in the United States being free to practice abortion as they deem necessary.

“Happy Independence Day from me and my reproductive rights,” wrote the actress, accompanied by a symbolic selfie, where she shows us that she is still one of the most beautiful in Hollywood.

It spread like wildfire

The message already has almost 400 thousand likes and just over 37 thousand retweets, since the repeal of Roe v. Wade has been incendiary in American society.

My body, my choice

Jessica Chastain’s tweet has gathered countless comments, where the vast majority support the actress, not only for daring to give her opinion on such a sensitive issue but also for being in favor of women being free to make decisions about their bodies, especially about the termination of pregnancy.

Among the comments Chastain received, one attached a meme of Mario Bros. handing her a crown and adding the phrase “you dropped it, your majesty”, praising the actress’ message.

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