Kid Cudi’s served up nostalgia for his fans this summer. Last week, the rapper came through with his first greatest hits project titled, The Boy Who Flew To The Moon Vol. 1. Fortunately, that won’t be all Cudi will be delivering to fans this summer. He also revealed that he’ll be re-releasing his debut mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi for streaming services.

This morning, Cudder shared the new cover art for the project exclusively for its DSP release including photography from Mel D. Cole and graphics handled by @crashone. Cudi explained that the new imagery was shot on Sept. 22nd, 2008, “right before my life changed forever.

Unfortunately, not all fans were feeling the revamp. Some criticized the change since they felt the original cover was “iconic.” Cudi quickly clapped back, revealing that he was never a fan of the original artwork in the first place. He also pointed out how some fans have an unhealthy obsession with living in the past.

“Im sorry but that cover i never liked and this is way better to see me at that time. Some of yall be so stuck on the past and dont wanna see any change its really sad. This photo is as equally if not more iconic. Ur bogus,” he wrote.

Check out Cudi’s tweet below. A Kid Named Cudi arrives on DSPs this Friday.