Kourtney Kardashian is touched by the outpouring of support for husband Travis Barker

A little over a month after getting legally married to Travis Barker in Santa Barbara, California, Kourtney Kardashian got a tremendous scare after her husband had to be hospitalized on an emergency basis, otherwise he might have died.

This Saturday, after the drummer is already in a better medical condition, the celebritie took the time to share on her social networks the terrifying experience she faced when she saw how, from one moment to the next, her husband’s health worsened.

“Oh what a scary and emotional week it’s been. Our health is everything and sometimes we take for granted how quickly it can change. Travis and I went in together for a routine endoscopy and he ended up with severe and potentially life-threatening pancreatitis,” she said.

The model also dedicated some words of gratitude to God and to the fans who kept an eye on the 46-year-old musician’s health.

“I am so grateful to God for healing my husband, for all your prayers for him and for us, for the overwhelming outpouring of love and support. I am so touched and grateful,” she expressed.

On the road to recovery

For his part, Travis Barker noted that he had a polyp removed from his body, but the aftermath of the surgery triggered a severe problem that put him in very bad shape.

“It was a very small polyp right in a very sensitive area, normally handled by specialists. Unfortunately it damaged a critical pancreatic drainage tube. That led to severe pancreatitis that was life-threatening. I am very, very grateful that with intensive treatment he is currently doing much better,” he mentioned.

It’s worth mentioning that a day after Travis was admitted to the hospital, a source close to Kourtney revealed to E! News that the Fontana, California native drummer experienced severe pain that barely allowed him to stand. However, he is already on the road to recovery.

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