Marvel continues to further explore bisexuality and LGTBI relationships in Thor: Love and Thunder

With cinemas welcoming the opening weekend of Thor: Love and Thunder, fans are paying close attention to every narrative decision taken by Marvel.

On the one hand, we have the usual eccentricity of director Taiki Waititi, who is a master of blending comedy, absurdity and emotion. On the other, the ideological and social undertones that many productions have begun to raise in recent years, with decisions that fuel controversy in the audience about the visibility of sexual and racial minorities.

This is something we see again in this fourth part of Thor, in which various LGTBI identities are represented in the middle of Pride week.

The LGTBI characters who ‘come out of the closet’ in Thor 4.

Beware of spoilers. When Thor, Jane and Valkyrie arrive in Omnipotence City, the temple of all the Gods, we see a Valkyrie who seems to be attracted to people of both sexes.

First to Thor, who is stripped naked by Zeus. From that moment on, the queen of New Asgard keeps her eye on him and even wishes he wouldn’t be clothed so quickly.

Then, while escaping from Omnipotence City, Thor’s faithful companion ‘flirts’ with some of the women in the harem of the God of Lightning.

On the other hand, we have Korg, who at two points in the film makes the openly homosexual nature of his character visible. Firstly by talking about his origin and birth after his father’s love with another male of his species, and finally by introducing his partner at the end of the film.

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