Russell Crowe was supposed to play Satan instead of Zeus in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Careful for spoilers for the new ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘ movie if you haven’t seen it yet, we’ll talk about Russell Crowe’s character in the film and one of the post-credt scenes. As you might’ve already seen it in the movie trailers, Russell Crowe appears in the movie apparently playing a version of Zeus, the Greek god og lightning.

His interpretation of the character was supposed to be comedic and he definitely delivers, but don’t get it twisted. Zeus is actually an antagonist in the film, he proves it in the second post-credit scene after the movie ends. But a new revelation shows that Russell Crowe wasn’t even supposed to play Zeus in the movie, he was playing a much more evil character. Are you ready for this?

Russell Crowe as Satan?

Renowned rtist Miles Teves showed a few images on his official Instagram account where he reveals Marvel Studios’ plans. They comissioned him to initially draw Russell Crowe as the king of the underworld himself: Satan. Teves has two images to show of his sketches.

The first has the following caption: “I was told by the good folks at Odd Studio down in Australia who commissioned this art that Russell Crowe might be having a comedic cameo as Satan in the new ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’. It didn’t work out that way. Hopefully it wasn’t because he saw my drawings. Though I’d understand.”

The second one has the following words: “Another shot at old Russ as the Devil for ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’. The folks at Odd Studio told me to depict him at his current weight due to his character being humorously debauched. Naturally I would have modelled for this drawing myself were my current physique not so rippling and sveldt,” joked Teves.

It’s hard to ignore those jokes about Russell Crowe’s chubby body and we can’t help but wonder if that’s the reason we didn’t get him as Satan. But there are other theories to why it didn’t happen, especially when you look at the second post-credit scene. Zeus calls on Hercules (played by Roy f**king Kent from Ted Lasso) to go after Thor. Is there a version of the story where Satan calls Mephisto to go after Thor? We’ll never know.

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