Simple DIY for the Summer Weekends

Simple DIY for the Summer Weekends

It comes as no surprise that with most of the nation stuck indoors throughout lockdown, many of us have decided to use this time to pick up a paintbrush, dust down our toolboxes and give our homes some much needed TLC.

A recent study shows that a staggering 85% of UK residents have undertaken home improvement activities during the lockdown period. With decluttering proving most popular at 56%, home decorating closely followed at 26%.

So with everyone getting hands-on in their homes, here’s a few easy DIY wins that are sure to jazz up your living space!

Floating Bookshelves

Have you ever noticed those fancy bookshelves in films that seem to hover on the wall, as if floating in mid-air? Have you always admired how stylish they look in people’s homes? Well, let us let you into a little secret. These sleek shelves are almost effortless to put up! All you need is the right tools and half an hour of your time. There are tonnes of different designs to choose from, from minimal and clean, to industrial and robust. Whatever style suits your home best, you’ll find plenty to browse through online.

Wooden Laptop Stand

Whilst we appreciate this one may not sound as glamourous as a floating bookshelf, it’s arguably much more practical. With at least 85% of us in 2021 opting to work remotely throughout the working week, home equipment has soared in popularity, due to many of us wanting to create a comfortable working environment from our newly appointed home offices. Laptop stands are a firm favourite, standing at the top of this list. So, if you’re looking to dabble in a bit of DIY, why not create your own? All it takes is sourcing a wood of your choice and a few screws to hammer it all together, and, voila! You have your very own wooden laptop stand. Of course, the beauty of making your own is that you can design the stand for the exact purpose and functionality that you require from it. We’d recommend taking pen and paper to sketch out a few design ideas first so that you find a design you’re 100% happy with before you get to work.

Cable Rack

With many of us using our garages as storage for bikes, lawnmowers and tools it can quickly become chaotic and cluttered! Why not build a simple cord rack which you can neatly hang your cables on? Think of it as a coat stand but for your wires! Keeping everything organised and tidy makes it much easier to find your wires quickly.


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