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2021 migration codes: How To Migrate Out Off All Tariff Plans In Nigeria – MTN, Airtel, 9mobile & Glo



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Getting used to one particular network tariff plan is something most of us Nigerians usually do.

Whenever you are being introduced to one particular tariff, we keep using it until you are being introduce to another, sometimes when we become tired of a particular tariff plan we find it difficult to migrate.

Making both Local and International calls is the main priority of everybody, most times, it is for business.

Nigeria networks are not left out, Nigeria networks have bunch of tariff plans for calls and others are suitable for both data and calls.

below are list of tariff plans available in all Nigeria network and you can migrate out of then when you are not satisfied with their service

How To Migrate Out Off All Tariff Plans In Nigeria – MTN, Airtel, 9mobile & Glo

The truth is, there is no official code to migrate out of any tariff plan in Nigeria.

The actual trick is to migrate to any other tariff plan on your Network and you will be automatically migrated out of your previous plan.

For instance, if you’re currently on MTN Pulse, BetaTalk Tariff and you migrate to XtraValue tariff plan, you’ve just migrated out of iPulse successfully.

That’s just the trick behind it.

So the question is supposed to be how to migrate to any tariff plan in Nigeria and below are quick codes to do so.

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How To Migrate To All Tariff Plans in Nigeria

MTN Tariff Plans

MTN 4GB for #200

See the codes to migrate to different tariff plans on MTN below:

  • MTN Pulse – Dial *406*1#.
  • MTN Betalk – Dial *123*2*6#.
  • MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid – *408*1#.
  • MTN Awuf4U – Recharge your line with *888*Recharge PlN#.
  • MTN mPulse – *344*1#.
  • MTN XtraValue – *131*2#.
  • MTN YafunYafun – *555*Recharge PIN#.

Airtel Tariff Plans


See the codes to migrate to Airtel tariff plan below:

  • Airtel SmartTrybe – *312#.
  • SmartTalk 2.0 – *315#.
  • SmartPREMIER – *470#.
  • SmartTrybe Junior – *371#.
  • SmartValue – *314#
  • SmartConnect – Get A New SIM or see how to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect, for Old and New Customers.
  • SmartRecharge – *220*Recharge PIN#.
  • Airtel Talkmore Bundle – *234#.
  • Airtel 6X Bundles – *555*Recharge PIN#.
  • Airtel PremierConnect – *254#.
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9mobile Tariff Plans

The below code helps you migrate to 9mobile tariff plans fast:

  • 9mobile MoreTalk – Dial *244*2#.
  • MoreFlex Bundle – *344*300#.
  • MoreFlex Evolution – *320#.
  • MoreCliq – *244*1#.
  • MoreCliq Break Free – *244*1#.
  • MoreBusiness 2.0 – *246*4*24#.
  • 9mobile CliqLite – *244*10#
  • 9mobile Talkzone – *244*8#
  • 9mobile Mobile Life 4.0 – *420*1#
  • 9mobile Super Bonus Offer – Get A New SIM Card.

Glo Tariff Plans

Below are quick codes to migrate to your preferred tariff plan on Glo Nigeria:

  • Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan – Dial *211#.
  • Glo Jollific8 – dial *123*Recharge PIN#.
  • Glo Infinito – dial *100*9*2#.
  • Glo Twin Bash – *223*Recharge PIN#.
  • Glo Yakata – *220#.
  • Glo G-BAM – *100*5*1#.
  • Glo Bumpa Bonus – *100*10*1#.
  • Glo Bounce – *170*4#.
  • Glo Generation G – *170*5#.
  • Glo Free Tomorrow – *300#.
  • Glo Formula – *323*Recharge PIN#.
  • Glo IDD Packs – *777#.
  • Glo Biigy Packs – *170*1#.
  • Glo Jolof N25 – *0805*25#.
  • Glo Jolof N50 – *0805*50#.
  • Glo Flexi – *123*Recharge PIN#.
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So no matter the network you use, the above codes will help you migrate to your preferred tariff plan easily and fast.

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