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How to prepare pasta? Best and easy way for bachelor and married people to prepare pasta



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Almost everyone claims pasta is a very easy food to cook right? But what have you experienced so far from many people? Sometimes they messed it up. So before we go straight to the way to prepare your pasta meal let thinks of potential problem below.

Potential Problem: You cooked your pasta in unsalted water

It might sound like redundant advice but the pasta is the foundation of any pasta dish – it doesn’t matter how flavourful or delicious your bolognese is if the pasta itself is bland.

What to do next time: Generously salt your water!

There’s an old wive’s tale that salting the water helps raise the temperature. However, it’s not enough to make a huge difference to the pasta.

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Instead, salted water adds flavour to your pasta internally as it absorbs liquid and expands. If you’re unsure of whether or not it’s salty enough, give it a try – it should taste like saltwater

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