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How To Use Fruits And Vegetables To Enlarge Your manhood



Today we are going to discuss three Natural way you can enlarge your Small carrot to big cassava, a lot of men has lose important relationship because of all this carrot issue today you case is over. Continue reading

The date palm.

It is known to practically help men who are suffering from performance problem, as it gives them strength and stamina. This is because it helps your body to relax, and it also increases the blood flow. It is also known to increase fertility in men as it boosts the semen quantity and quality.

It has been 100 percent tested, eating this fruit would help you last longer in bed, and also get a bigger, larger and stronger Manhood.

2. The Use Of Onion

Here s how to use onion for manhood and for skin rashes prevention

This is all what you need

1)good onion


3)cover plate

How to mix this together is very simple to carry out

Before do this firstly wash your onions very well after seeing is clean

Cut the onion into pieces,after cutting out it Inside the plate and after this you’re free to cover it for some minutes

After all try to find honey I mean good honey

You we need to get good honey and put it inside pot put honey into the pot light your cooking gas and put your pieces onion into it after few times of preparing you’re free to off the cooking gas light

Your prepare is going to look like frying coconut

This is how to use it

You’re going to use this once and for all and you’re going to see different

Try to eat everything at once

For you that’s we ask how many onion you can take at least 6 onion and small bottles of honey

3. Kola

It’s is very simple and easy to increase and make your manhood strong with Kolanut, all you need is:

Clean water


And small bottle


Cut kolanut into small pieces into the bottles

Put water to fill it and drink it for only 3 good days

And after that you’re going to see the changes and also you need to stop masturbate in other to lest your organ work well, you can also check others tested ways here
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