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How to connect and disconnect Bluetooth headphones on your Mac computer, and troubleshoot connection issues .

How to connect and disconnect Bluetooth headphones on your Mac computer, and troubleshoot connection issues.

To connect Bluetooth headphones to a Mac computer, you can go to System Preferences or use a menu bar shortcut.

Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or other devices can be wirelessly connected to your Mac computer.

If your Bluetooth devices aren’t pairing to your Mac, you can try a few different troubleshooting tricks.

You can disconnect or remove your Bluetooth headphones from a Mac if you don’t want to use them.

You can connect Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, mice, trackpads, or other devices to your Mac computer.

Bluetooth headphones give you freedom to sit farther away from your screen while you stream video or move around while you’re on a conference call.

Here’s how to connect and disconnect Bluetooth headphones and devices on a Mac computer .

Why won’t my Bluetooth connect? How to fix issues If you’re having problems connecting your Bluetooth devices , there are a few standard troubleshooting tips that should get it working:

Make sure your devices are discoverable: Be sure to set your Bluetooth headphones, earphones, or speakers into pairing mode so they can be “discovered” by your other devices, and to turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to connect them to.

Make sure your devices are in range: The devices you’re trying to connect need to be within about 20 feet of each other. Make sure your devices aren’t already synced: If your Bluetooth headphones aren’t connecting to your Mac, it may be because the headphones are already paired to another device, like your iPhone.

Reset the connection: If your Bluetooth device still isn’t pairing, you can have your iPhone “forget the device” in Settings or you can remove the device in System Preferences on your Mac.

Reset your devices: Turning all devices on and off again may help resolve the pairing issue. Quick tip: It’s possible to connect multiple Bluetooth devices to your Mac at one time. If you want to connect more than one set of headphones, however, you’ll have to use the Audio MIDI app. You’ll find the app in your Applications > Utilities folder.

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