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How to record the screen on your iPhone, and find or edit your screen recordings

To screen record on an iPhone, enable the recording feature and select it in the Control Center.

Screen recording on an iPhone is simple.

All your screen recordings will be saved to the Photos app, where you can edit or share them freely.

Your screen recordings can include your iPhone’s audio, as well as your own narration.

Taking a screenshot – a single still image of your iPhone’s screen – is pretty easy. And luckily, taking a screen recording – a video of your iPhone’s screen – is just as easy, once you know how to enable it.

Here’s how to screen record on your iPhone, and then find the video once it’s saved.

Before you can record your screen, you’ll need to turn on the screen recording feature.

1. Open the Settings app and then tap “Control Center.” Tap “Customize Controls.”

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