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Magomed Tushayev General, Chechen Soilders Reaction To Thermobaric Vaccum Bombs



Magomed Tushayev

Another important update has come from the Russian invasion in Ukraine; Magomed Tushayev, the man leading the Chechen force into Ukraine has been neutralized by the Ukrainian force as per the latest reports. 

Magomed is believed to be one of the important persons to Ramzan Kadyrov, often referred to as a right hand; thus, his death is a big blow to Chechen. This will make many armies deployed in Ukraine rethink their life.

Despite the condemnation from the various world leader throughout the world, there is no indication from Russia to take any step back. Amid this crisis, Ukrainian leaders and citizens have shown spectacular bravery.

Who Is Magomed Tushayev General? Dead Or Alive

The Ukrainian army has shared news of eliminating Magomed, an important person from the Chechen force. As of now, there has not been confirmation from the Chechen side of his death but the news is almost certain.

Magomed is believed to be a crucial member of the Chechen force, so his death can be considered a big loss to the entire force. As per the source, it has been reported that he was killed by the Ukraine Elite Alpha Group.

Despite the limitations of the Ukrainian army, they have managed to show great performance against the Russian Invasion. The rest of the world is celebrating the Ukrainian army’s bravery.

Now, there are many speculations going around about the replacement of Magomed. He was an important part of the entire force, so it is hard for the government to find his replacement. It has been heralded that Chechen army will fall apart after this.

Magomed Tushayev Wikipedia Facts

Magomed has been reported to be in charge of 141 motorized regiment of the so-called Kadyrov guard and he must have been leading at least 400 men. He was one of the biggest threats to Ukraine, but luckily he has been eliminated.

His death is a big relief to the Ukrainian army. There are discussions of his death going on almost all social media. Many people are saying that he deserved that because he was a threat to the national sovereignty of Ukraine.

There are many threads on both Reddit and Twitter about his death. It can be expected that his death will slow down the attack for a while, which might give Ukraine make a further plan about their future steps.

The whole world has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop this war because no matter who wins, both sides will see a great loss of life. Thus, Humanity is at threat, not just national integrity.