2022-23: Which Football Players are Legends in the Making?

Erling Haaland is one of the biggest names in football at the moment. The Norwegian striker has notched ten goals since starting with Manchester City this year, along with two goals in the Champions League. At age 20, he’s already considered one of the best players in the world.



And the coverage on Haaland isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. For leagues like the Premier League, bettors focus on a team’s roster before wagering on matches or outrights. Injured players affect a team’s outlook, along with budding young stars that can make a difference.


The latter receives most of the attention from fans, especially if they’re a striker like Leicester legend Vardy or Man City new boy Haaland. The higher a player’s scoring potential, the hotter of a commodity they become—especially in terms of sports betting for over/unders and player props. This year, all eyes have been on Haaland, while Vinícius Junior dominated headlines last year. But they aren’t the only name making the rounds amongst analysts.


Keep reading for the top young prospects making waves in association football this year and with big expectations for the upcoming FIFA World Cup.


Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is one of the biggest up-and-coming English players in the world. His campaign with Borussia Dortmund last year saw the midfielder start almost every game, and became their youngest scorer during his first appearance.


Bellingham is known for his strength, versatility, and vision—which is often unpredictable. He’s so good that Pep Guardiola has (jokingly) questioned whether or not his age is accurate. 

Florian Wirtz

At age 19, German midfielder Florian Wirtz has already found his place on Bayern’s unstoppable roster. So, what is it that excites pundits about Wirtz? So far, the player seems like the perfect package. Not only is he able to split the defense with accuracy, but he also has a killer shot and a seemingly unending store of speed and endurance. 


A few years ago, Kai Havertz hit the headlines for commanding a huge fee—but some are already eyeing Wirtz to blow that figure out of the water when his time with Bayern comes to an end.


Jamal Musiala

All eyes were on midfielder Jamal Musiala back in 2020 when he pledged his allegiance to the German national team after switching between Germany and England while growing up. Since then, he’s also signed with Bayern, where he’s nabbed international attention for his performances.


Musiala is known for his reading of the game beautifully—and with so much confidence that he became Bayern’s youngest ever player and goalscorer back in 2020. Not only is he a confident striker, but his overall attacking ability is years ahead of his time.


The Spanish midfielder is known for one incredible talent: his technical ability. Unsurprisingly, this skill on the ball has made him a top star for Barça as they attempt to reclaim their former glory. In fact, much of Xavi’s plans with the team will revolve around a player with vision and technique, who can guide play like Andres Iniesta once did.


In fact, Pedri’s first year with the team overlapped with Messi’s last. During that time, the pair strung together multiple plays that hinted Pedri would be one day leading the team—still, he’ll need a partner in crime if he plans on stacking up next to Messi and Iniesta.

Phil Foden

Along with Bellingham, Phil Foden is one of England’s top players—and is certainly one of the most-watched players on Man City’s roster. Earlier, we mentioned Pep Guardiola’s impression of Jude Bellingham—but the manager has also gone on to say that Foden was the most talented player he had ever seen as a manager… and Guardiola has managed the likes of Messi.


Already, Foden has become a powerhouse contributor to Man City. However, moving forward, all eyes will be on the English player to make a difference with his national team. Along with Foden and Bellingham, Bukayo Saka is another English player with big plans in football.

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