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A Guide To Watching Basketball For Beginners



Basketball is a great spectator sport because it is fast-paced, high-scoring and entertaining. Basketball is often said to be a sport that even those who don’t usually enjoy sport enjoy watching as it is so entertaining, but it can also be hard to watch if you are not already a fan. This is partly because it is so fast, so it can be hard to digest, plus many of the rules can be confusing for new fans. With this in mind, read on for a guide to watching basketball, which will hopefully help you to enjoy watching games.

Learn The Basic Rules

The rules are often what cause the most confusion for new fans watching basketball. This is understandable because there are many rules and the fast nature of the game can make it hard to keep up. The key is to learn what the basic rules are, which will allow you to understand the games and why gameplay is stopped. The main rules to learn include:

  • Travel
  • Double dribble
  • 24-second shot clock
  • Defensive foul
  • Offensive foul
  • Technical foul

Listen To The Commentators

Leading on from this, it is easy to tune out commentators when watching live sport on TV but they can actually be very useful for a new fan. They will be able to explain what is happening, why rules are broken and what to look out for. The NBA is known for its excellent (and often very entertaining) pundits, so make sure that you are listening to them while watching a game.

Place Online Bets

If you learn how to bet on basketball then this will also help you to learn about the game as well as make it much more exciting to watch. It can be easy enough to bet on basketball online and there are all kinds of aspects that you can bet on in addition to the outcome of the game.

Try To Work Out Team Tactics

While basketball is very end-to-end, it is also a very tactical game with every team using different tactics and styles of play to win. Try to work out what both teams are trying to do and this will give you a much greater appreciation for the sport. Some teams play at pace, others prefer to slow things down. In recent years, the 3 point shot has transformed the game with amazing shooters like Steph Curry changing how the game is played.

Watch Individual Players

While basketball is a team game and some teams play beautiful team basketball, it is also a game of individual ability and strength. This is why it is also good to watch individual players to see how hard they work on both ends of the floor and the work that they do off of the ball. The stars are obviously entertaining to watch, but even role players have to work incredibly hard on the floor and contribute a huge amount.


Hopefully, this guide will help you to start enjoying watching basketball and encourage you to become a fan.

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