The entertaining Supercoppa Italiana

Most countries across the world have some sort of football supercup. The website 1xBet offers sports betting online, which also has plenty of options to wager on these championships. Normally, these supercups face the winner of the main league and the main domestic cup.


In the case of Italy, this match in question is the thrilling Supercoppa Italiana. Obviously, people might ask themselves what happens if the same team wins the Coppa Italia and the Serie A. In this case, the match is played by the winner of both competitions and the runner-up of the Coppa Italia. The 1xBet website offers excellent online sports betting, and among its many options, it offers the chance to wager on Italian football.

An opportunity to take Italian football out of Italy

The FA Community Shield is the English equivalent of the Supercoppa Italiana. Probably a few eyebrows would rise if it would be contested outside of English territory. However, in Italy, they see their supercup in a different manner. Before any of these matches it is possible to go to – play casino online and win great prizes.


Approximately one third of all the editions of the Supercoppa Italiana have taken place outside of Italy. Some of the countries where the match has been played include:


  • the United States;
  • China;
  • Qatar;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • and Libya.


This approach has been quite beneficial for Italian football and its teams. This is because they create stronger fan bases outside of Italy. Punters can play casino online in 1xBet while waiting for the next edition of the Supercoppa Italiana.

Frequent winners and frequent matches

There are many things about the Supercoppa Italiana that repeat themselves from time to time. For example, the most winning team by far is Juventus. Additionally, there is a pair of teams that have faced each other a total of five times in this instance. They are Juventus and Lazio. Whenever those two squads play against each other, it is possible to wager on them through the betting platform.


It should be noted that on many occasions the Serie A and the Coppa Italia have been claimed by the same team. Once again, Juventus has been the team to achieve this feat the most. However, Lazio and Inter have also done so.


In general, the Supercoppa Italiana is an entertaining event where the best of Italian football can be enjoyed. Also, betting on it is absolutely possible, and it can be done through the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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