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Will Mohammed Salah Ever Leave Liverpool?



Will Mohammed Salah Ever Leave Liverpool?

Just as we often see on the contents, the Egyptian Liverpool football star has cleared the air on whether he will be leaving the club, following speculations that have trailed the media about his intended exit. The star made this known in one of his interviews with Sky Sports when he blatantly made it clear that he wouldn’t mind spending the rest of his career playing for Liverpool.

He then added that he’s leaving the club depends solely on the club. But it seems that the club won’t be letting the star go any time soon, the club (Liverpool) is planning to extend the player’s contract by two more years. At 29, Mohammed Salah seems not to be slowing down in his performance, considering his 12 goals in his recent appearance this season. His renewed performance has propelled the club into the second position in the Premier League, just a few days to their big match with Man. United.

According to Salah’s comments on the Sky Sports interview, it looks like he doesn’t mind an extension of his contract with the club. He said he wouldn’t mind staying in the club till the end of his football career. While he keeps referring to how long he will remain with the club management, the club is making no plans to let him go. 


Salah’s first bite of the Premier League was in 2014, when he was with Chelsea, under Jose Mourinho management.  Since then, there has been no profound change in his performance – it has been the old articulate Salah throughout his stay in Liverpool.  He had also made it clear that he had always longed to be in Liverpool, even in Chelsea. This speaks more volume, though, especially for those who have always doubted his revelation of wanting to remain in Liverpool. This proves that it is more of an emotional attachment than money or sheer preference. 

Salah’s love for the club didn’t just manifest; it was a result of public sentiment. Salah revealed that he heard so much about the club while in Rome; in one of the conversations among his teammates, they talked so much about the club. It was like their topic resonated with his intentions about moving to England; there and then, he made up his mind that he was going to move someday. And today, thinking of leaving is not a trade he longs to make, at least not now.

But there is a more shocking reason why the player might remain in the club for a long time. He also made it known that he’d always pick the Liverpool team on his PlayStation console when he was a kid.  As funny as this may sound, one thing is clear: that Mohammed Salah was destined to play for Liverpool. Salah is currently the first Liverpool player to score in his consecutive nine appearances. This achievement isn’t a big deal; he believes that he will put in his best in anything he finds himself doing. To him, coming tops in his team is not his priority. While some people believe he is the best, others think there are people better than him. To Mohammed Salah, he doesn’t care – all he has ever wanted is to put in his very best. 

Mohammed Salah achievements while in Liverpool cannot be overemphasised; just recently, he sealed his premier league 100th with the 3-0 win with Leeds United. As he continues to make tremendous progress in the club, Carragher thinks that his success in Liverpool is underrated. According to Carragher, Salah is very important for the growth of Liverpool as a club. He even said that he feels sorry for the player because he is doing more with less applause. 


Finally, no matter how you choose to put it, we believe that Salah’s days in Liverpool will belong. The most important part of any player’s life is their fan base, and as it stands, England loves Salah.  This can be seen in most of the solidarity rallies by the Liverpool fans, which can be heard using words like “Good Enough” to quantify the player. There was a time some of the fans had bluff that should Salah continue to score goals, they might convert to Islam. Now, this is the kind of love you get when you are at the right place. And for Salah, he is definitely at the right place and at the right time. So, if you are looking to see Mohammed Salah leave Liverpool anytime soon, you’d be disappointed.

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