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Spy Police In Nigeria Salary, Duties, and Application Requirements.



Spy Police In Nigeria, The Nigerian police has some sort of service similar to the reserve army service obtainable in many countries! It’s called spy for short but the full name is supernumerary.

These Spy Police In Nigeria are usually attached to banks, financial institutions and organizations that require their service.

They enjoy immunity, privilege and Power of the Nigerian Police. Spy Police officers operate within their jurisdiction or operational space.They are not paid by the Police but by the organization requiring their service.

I know by know What Is Spy Police in Nigeria? Or How much is Spy police Salary? Are still popping up in your heart despite the brief introduction, well without wasting much of your time below are the exact things you need to know about Spy police in Nigeria and how they function.

How to apply for Spy police in Nigeria

The Supernumerary Police officers were established under Section 46, of the Police Act CAP 359 of 1968 as amended under Section 418, of the Police Act CAP 359 of laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990.

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Under this act, any person (including any government department) that desires to avail himself/herself of the services of one or more police officers for the protection of property owned or controlled by him/her may apply to the Inspector-General stating the nature and situation of the property in question and giving such other participation as the Inspector-General may require.

These officers are trained personnel with the necessary skills to maintain law and order within their organizations, unlike the regular police officers, who have greater responsibilities. SPY Police officers, Act more succinctly than the public police and they understand the corporate culture that is obtainable in their primary environment.

However, a large number of Spy Police, having worked in such organizations before undergoing the necessary training at the Police Training School, stand better chances to protect their environment. On the appointment of supernumerary Police Officers to protect properties, the party that desires such services is expected to apply through the Inspector General after the request, with the approval of the President, will be granted.

Spy police in Nigeria

Every officer so appointed shall be Called exclusively on duties connected with the protection of those properties. The officers shall have the powers, privileges and communities of a police officer within the domain he is appointed.

For employment on administrative duties on police premises, the supernumerary police officer so appointed shall be on duties connected with the administration or maintenance of those premises. The officer shall enjoy the powers, privileges and amenities of a police officer within the area of his duties.

When a supernumerary police officer is appointed where necessary in the public interest, with the authorization of the president, such an officer shall have the powers, privileges and amenities of a police officer within the area of his primary duties.

Spy Police in Nigeria

Generally, every supernumerary police officer shall on appointment be enlisted to serve in the force from month to month and accordingly, a supernumerary police officer may at any time, resign his appointment by giving one month’s notice in that behalf to the superior officer in charge of the police area where he is appointted. Above all, supernumerary police officers are subject to the same discipline as other members of the police force.

NOTE: SPY Police operate similar rank with normal public police except for the post of IGP.

SPY Police Force Recruitment Requirements

Spy Police in Nigeria

Below are the important requirements needed from any prospective applicant who want the Job of a SPY Police Officer.

  • You Must be a Nigerian with a proven documents
  • You must be up to 18 years or age.
  • You must have a certificate, at least O. Level Certificate with not less than 5 credits with Mathematics And English Language.
  • You must not Tattoo or have trace of any Tattoo
  • You must be decent and well behaved
  • Th height of all male applicant should be less that 1.67 meters in tallness and for a female applicant it should be less than 1.64 meters

Other requirements are also listed below;

  • Provide a reason why he/she want to be a Spy Police Officer
  • Applicant Should be a BSC/HND/WASSCE Holder from a recognized institution.
  • Applicant should at least know how to drive
  • Must know how to work under duress
  • Applicant must have great direction in English and must be fluent in Application.
  • Applicant must be a resident of Nigeria

How To Apply For Spy Police Recruitment in Nigeria.

Spy Police in Nigeria

We are going to break how to apply for Spy Police Recruitment in Nigeria, Into 3 stages please read keenly to get the full picture of the message we are trying to pass.

#1. Meet the necessary requirements as we enumerated above

#2. Submit All The Important And The Required Documents

Haven’t meet up successfully with the first step, You are to proceed to the P T S center with the following documents, which shall eventually be verified at the documentation department.

  1. Two copies of a company letter headed paper
  2. The photocopy of CAC (Corporate Affair Commission) documentation of the company should be presented.
  3. 10 passport photograph for further documentation
  4. Complete academic credentials including your NYSC certificate in any
  5. Any valid means of identification which might either be National I’D, Voters Card or international passport preferably.
  6. Stipulated amount for registration

#3 Collection Of Training Kits

After a successful verification process highlighted in method 2 above, you proceed to collect your training kits which include; white police polo, short knicker and one pair of tennis shoes with white stockings.

Spy police in Nigeria

However, It should be noted that registration isn’t free of charge there is fees attach to registration and training.

Note that there is a lot of benefit and opportunities ahead of you if you successfully join the Nigerian Spy Police, Some of the benefits are;

  • You will enjoy immunity, privilege and Power of the Nigerian Police
  • You can easily travel out of the country
  • It’s an opportunity to get a job in high company
  • Some company can offer to pay you more than what a normal public police would receive
  • It earn you respect and save you from being harass by either police or SARS and many other benefits ahead.

How Much Salary Are They Paying SPY Police In Nigeria?

As mentioned earlier, SPY police are neither paid by the Nigerian Police Force NPF nor the federal government. They are paid by the company which they are working for but they enjoy immunity and privilege from the Nigerian Police.

Their salary is based on the agreed amount between you and the company, but in most cases the least rank which is corporal don’t earn below 70 to 80k per month.

Thanks for reading this to the end, for more information, direction and explanation you can contact us via the comment section or through our websites contact details.