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UKGC’s Strategy 2021-2023: Main Points 



UKGC's Strategy 2021-2023: Main Points 

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is an executive governing body that is non-departmental to the government of the United Kingdom. It is given the responsibility for the regulation of all gambling activities taking place within the boundaries of Britain and also supervising the fact if the gaming laws are being abided by.


The areas they cover include arcades, slot machines, lotteries, casinos, bingo, and betting. The main goal remains for the Gambling Commission to maintain law and order among the gambling bodies in order to protect the vulnerable punters using all possible technologies. They are also in charge of supervising the activities of remote gambling operators; another huge responsibility of the UKGC is that they are given the power to issue licenses to operators. 

Moreover, they have the power to advise the government on issues related to gambling and also can team up with the police force in solving cases regarding illegal gambling. Under the Gambling Act 2005, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission came to the establishment and it took them two years to start their operation in full swing. It is common for the Gambling Commission to revise its strategies and the recent operation strategy of three years duration contains several priorities that have been updated for the sake of the citizens. The motivation behind the improved business plan of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is purely aimed towards making gambling a safer practice for the public and also to adapt to new rules of safeguarding vulnerable players from further loss. 

The chairperson of the Commission Mr. Bill Moyes says “Our new three-year strategy maintains the ambition of our present strategy and goes further in considering how best we can use our current resources”. He added that the new business plan includes their goal for the current years.

According to what is estimated to be important for the time being keeping in mind the situation of lockdown due to the pandemic. As we know, the pandemic situation ushered a new pattern of habits in punters and this is what creates the necessity to look for improved safeguard measures. It is expected by analysts to experience even further changes over the next three years in the gambling market especially when it comes to the adaptation of improved technological innovations. The Commission is planning to keep an open mind towards these innovations in order to keep up with the rate of growth. 

The 2021 to 2023 Plan of the Commission Includes These Few Areas of Priority 

  • Protection of children and other vulnerable punters from undergoing severe harm by gambling addiction  – It is one of the areas of concern for the Commission to make sure the license holding operators are putting their efforts in to protect gamblers from getting harmed. These goals can be achieved through improving the all-over conduct by continuing the conditions of the license and the codes of practice for the operators including Captain Marlin Casino, Very Well Casino, CasinoGap  to abide by focusing on the regulation of the mentioned rules. 
  • Fairness of the industry by educating people about the mechanisms – Establishing a reputation of fair gaming is an indispensable factor of not just customer protection but also for maintenance of reputation for the owners. This also includes the smooth complaint handling and dispute resolution mechanisms of the operators. 
  • Keeping activities regarding gambling lawful – It is partly upon the Commission to take care of illegal activities regarding gambling taking place within the boundaries of Great Britain. They see to it that the prevention of activities leading to money laundering is taking place successfully. The management of the risk around gambling as well as sports betting by maintaining the honour integrity of the industry is one of the goals. 
  • Making the best out of National Lottery – The United Kingdom Gambling Commission makes sure that the National Lottery is being regulated properly and the provision of the third license is being continued. Additionally, another region of concern is fair operation regarding 4th license offering and effective service regarding the transition of it. 
  • Spreading awareness against rash gambling – The UKGC has also partnered with leading football clubs such as Arsenal, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, etc to curb advertisements that provoke punters to indulge in gambling. Governing bodies such as Professional Footballers Association (BFA) have voluntarily come forward to participate and spreadhead such campaigns that advise football clubs to avoid gambling endorsements, sponsors, and brand promotions. Following the directives from UKGC, many of the top banks such as Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Monzo, Cashplus, Barclays have agreed to monitor and stop banking transactions related to unlawful gambling. Thereby putting the right speed breaker on punters involved in mindless gambling activities in casinos that aren’t fully regulated.
  • All over the improvement of regulation – The Gambling Commission is responsible for supervising the all-over improvement of the industry taking under consideration the optimization of technological innovations as well as effective regulation of it. 


Revision of rules for the betterment of services is an undeniably important factor of any well-regulated governing body. 

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