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Games: The Online Casino Trends of 2021



The Online Casino Trends of 2021

The online casino market is heavily saturated. With so many operators to choose from, they have to work hard to ensure that they are the most attractive to their customers. This involves not only introducing new, exciting products, but updating existing favourites and constantly looking for ways to make their games more interesting and appealing. Here are a few of the upcoming online casino trends featuring the latest technology which are sure to get people excited.

Themed Slots

Slots are already the most popular online game because they are so simple to play. But a downside of this has been how many slots are available. While the quality can vary considerably, most new players are just daunted by the sheer number of options. With a page full of hundreds of available games, how do you choose where to start?

People naturally gravitate towards the familiar, which is why themed slots are growing in popularity. They can be themed around popular movies, famous events, and even musicians – Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Ozzy Osbourne are amongst the famous faces gracing the reels. Developers might have to pay to license the images, but their returns are increased because they are a recognisable commodity.

Any good online platform will have a wide offering of unique slots. 888 Casino is a veteran provider who have a team of skilled in-house developers that created unique and exclusive online slots. Each game has a different theme and creative features that keeps their slots fresh players, alongside with top casino games from the leading producers, making them on of the most popular online casino operators in the UK and Europe.

Daily Jackpots


Someone wins a Daily Jackpot every day.

One way which online slot developers are using to increase interest in their products is to offer daily jackpots. These are slots which guarantee a jackpot payout everyday, usually with a running total and a timer showing you how long before it must be won. Jackpots are usually smaller, but the increased frequency of payouts increases your chances of winning one. 

Live Slot Games


Live games include a real dealer and are played in real time.

Another way developers seekto liven up online slots is to offer them as a live game. Live casino games were the popular trend of 2020, with card games like blackjack and poker taking centre stage. 2021 sees the market expanding and including slot games. Playing them live adds a very welcome social element where you can interact with the live dealer and enjoy a bit of banter while playing.

Live Casino is Booming

Live casino

Digital games could soon be completely replaced with live versions.

And it’s not just live slots which are expanding the live casino market. Spin the Wheel, Roulette and Baccarat are also hugely popular in their respective live versions. Being able to talk to a live dealer, to ask for advice and playing tips, clarify rules, or just for a bit of added socialisation, has been a huge plus for many gamers who have missed that aspect of land-based casinos. With faster broadband speeds and better video technology, the communication is almost instantaneous and feels just like you’re at the table in person.

Mobile Casinos

More people than ever are using their mobile phones to access mobile casinos and gambling apps. It’s estimated that as much as 80% of online gambling is happening on mobiles. Faster browsing speeds and better processors are behind this rise in popularity, and the casino providers are reacting by making more of their games mobile friendly. With more people in the UK owning a smartphone than a PC, it’s clear to see that this is the future.


Games and Casino

Video game style battles can be found in gamified casinos.

Video games are growing in popularity too, so it’s no surprise that some elements from this industry are beginning to bleed into online casino games. Popular video game aspects like PVP battles, missions and objectives, and the chance to ‘level’ up can all be found in a new breed of gamified casinos. While this type of hybrid has been trialled before with slot machines, it is proving far more successful now that video gaming has become a mainstream entertainment.


Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while, but they were initially thought of as a passing fad or only for the really t4echnologically savvy. Now that they have proved their staying power, more people have started to get on board. And more users mean there is a need for more places to spend them – and this is where cryptocasinos have started to gain ground.

Cryptocurrencies are secure and anonymous, making them perfect for gambling transactions. More and more cryptocasinos are opening every week, offering similar games and bonuses to those that trade in fiat currencies.

Virtual Reality Gambling


VR casinos can put you right in the action.

Live Casino games have started to bridge the gap between the online and offline casino experiences, but it’s VR Gambling which will really bring the online world to life. Software developers can digitally recreate a physical casino, allowing the headset-wearer to walk between the tables and interact with different games – all without leaving their home. It’s the next best thing to opening your own casino in your garage!

In Summary

While predictions are never 100% guaranteed to come to fruition, these trends have all started to grow over the first few months of the year. Looking at what has been made possible by new technology, and combining this with the demand from users, anything which makes online casinos more accessible to players is going to be a big hit.

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