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history of the great university of Benin [history of uniben]




The great university of Benin Uniben does not just start existing, there is great history/story behind the existence of what we call Uniben today. The360reporters make this researches to meet the needs of the reading public who wish to know the history of the great university of Benin [uniben] as it s rank the most seek school in Nigeria today.

have you ever wonder how did uniben get started? what is the history of uniben? when was uniben established. if you fall under this category this article is for you, ensure you read to the end and share this with your friends.

history of the great university of Benin [history of uniben]

The university of Benin ”formally called institute of technology” was founded on saturday 23rd of Novembber , 1970. this was due to the rising need of higher institution in Bendel State formerly { midwest state]. this need was recognized by the Bendel State Government in 1965.

With the determination the the Bendel state government to physically Establish and open the institute in 1970, about eighty [80] contractors was employed by the Government to work tirelessly Round the clock between may to November 1970, to construct and convert the premises of mariere college[ a college which was formerly a teacher training college in Benin City] into temporary site of the institute.

On November 23rd the institute was formerly opened and the first batch of one Hundred and eight 108 students from different part of the country [NIGERIA] was Taken in to study courses on sciences and mathematics.

the great university of Benin Uniben

On July, 1st 1971, the institute was accorded formal recognition as a full fledged University by the National university Commission {NUC} of Nigeria. This accordance was done by the governor, in his Budget Speech in April 1972, the then Military Governor of Mid-Western State, Col. S. O. Ogbemudia formally announced the change of the name of the Institute of Technology from an Institute of Technology to the University of Benin (uniben). On the 1st of April 1975, the University at the request of the State Government, was taken over by the Federal Government and became a Federal University of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Today, the University has continued to grow from strength to strength with huge number of Faculties, Departments, Institutes and Units.Following NUC’s directives, the University experimented with the Collegiate System in 1991-1992 and 1992-1993. Although in the light of new developments, the University of Benin has reverted to the Faculty System except for the following: Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Basic Medical Sciences, Institute of Child Health, which reverted to the Collegiate System in August, 1999, with a Provost as its administrative head. The following faculties are presently constituted are: Agriculture, Arts, Education, Engineering, Law, Life Science, Pharmacy, Physical Science, Social Science, College of Medical Sciences (which has three Schools: Basic Medical Sciences; Dentistry and Medicine; and the Institute of Child Health).

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