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The Odeal Of How I Managed To Find Myself In Italy



I left Nigeria on 20th of May 2015, After the untimely deaths of my parents Mr& Mrs Lucky Oghogho, My father Who was the Councilor of Orhionmwon Ugbeka Ward 2 on 17th of May 2015, during the general election in Nigeria. My father who was a strong P.D.P supporter and a P.D.P leader then, He lead a peaceful protest against A.P.C Party and Buhari.

A.P.C Party was not happy with the protest, so after the protest, they came to attack my family they burnt our house and killed my parents, i only managed to escape to Northern part of Nigeria Where i met this group of travelers who i told what happened and how they are looking for me because i saw and recognize them and i am also one of the family member that they are supposed to killed but luckily i escaped.

So after i told them what happened they felt so sorry for me, they offer to take me along as they travel escape being killed, Initially i was afraid and never wanted to go with then, but i was with just one clothe no money, no shelter and no relative who can be of help to me if i refuse to follow them, as an orphan i agree to follow them and they helped me to Libya. but getting to libya, i could not found them again because i was kidnapped and thrown into a hole for two months where i suffered until i managed to escape after so many tortures fro Libyan kidnappers who thought kidnapping me could fetch them money, but unfortunately i have no money and no one to pay my ransom i suffered till i escaped and i was kidnapped again by another group of kidnappers because i have no been to Libya before in My life and i don’t know anywhere, Since i could not pay my ransom this time, they eventually sold me to a Libyan Car Wash owner to get their money. I turn a slave after being sold to the man, i worked for him for s many months before i was able to save up money.