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Yahoo yahoo no be work, My Babe Dump Me As I Stop To Da Do Yahoo Yahoo_Ex-Yahoo Boy Narrated.



Internet fraud or ‘yahoo-yahoo’ as dem dey call am for Nigeria na big problem with young boys for di kontri.

Akin (no be im real name) na one of di many young boys wey become yahoo boy because e wan hama quick.

Akin tell us how im take enter dis scamming business.

Yahoo Yahoo, na wetin every bodi don ds do for Nigeria take da follow up

“Na for 2004 I start, as I dey prepare for my TOEFL exam. I dey always go cyber café to search internet for information about di exam. Anytime wey I dey di café, I go dey see pipo dey follow oyinbo pipo chat on top Yahoo Messenger.”

One day, Akin jam one of im rich padi dey follow oyinbo woman chat. Na so im begin tell im friend wetin im go type give di oyinbo woman wey go sweet her bodi wella.

Di sweet lines wey Akin drop hot sotay im friend carry laptop give say make im take over. Akin shock wen im friend carry plenty beta come in domot di next day, come even carry am go do shopping.

Na so Akin begin follow im friend dey go cyber café everyday but dis time around, no be to check for TOEFL. Im friend go buy data, Akin go take over di system dey follow different oyinbo pipo dey chat.

E no tey before Akin eye clear say na chicken change im friend dey dash am with all di kain money im dey make from di scam.

To make sure say Akin mata no become case of Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop, im launch im own internet scam career.

Akin go create different fake profile, pose as oyinbo man with pictures wey im see online.

After like one year, Akin begin swim inside dollars sotay im mama go dey hala say she no support dis kain life wey her pikin don begin live.

Akin say even though say im mama give am good home training, all her shouting no do anytin. After im mama tire to dey shout everyday, she wash her hand comot from her pikin mata.

‘Yahoo yahoo na pay back for colonialism’

One way wey Akin dey reason wetin e dey do be say, “Na payback for all di tins wey di colonial masters tiff for Africa.”

According to Akin, dis na wetin most of im fellow yahoo boys dey take clear dia conscience.

Akin say im bin dey use internet scamming take collect wetin belong to am.

Tithe from Yahoo yahoo money?

Yahoo Yahoo

Even though say Akin bin dey do pipo wayo, im still no dey use Church mata play.

Im tell us say anytime wey im show for church, im youth leader go dey try preach to am make im stop yahoo yahoo.

Di tin wey im use silence im guilty conscience na to dey pay im tithe from every ‘deal’ wey im hama from im oyinbo clients.

Yahoo yahoo no be work

As Akin know don alredi tell imself say im no fit use wayo money take build im life, im know say one day e go stop no mata as e hard am reach.

Di last deal wey Akin bin get na from one of im regular online lovers but dat day, something just touch am. Im change all im passwords, come delete im email accounts and Yahoo Messenger.

Dat na di last day im scam anybody and also di last time wey im babe follow am talk as money no dey flow again.

She dump am follow another yahoo guy wey even get money pass Akin.

Akin say im dey live good life now and even if im no get money yanfu yanfu, im dey happily married.

Tori be say some young boys still dey do internet fraud for Nigeria and goment don tighten punishment for anybody wey dem catch.

Di most recent case na di 14 boys wey di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) nab for Ajah area of Lagos.

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